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Who are we and what do we do?

S6 Connect has been providing IT support and services since 2006, though the Company was initially incorporated as PuzzledWorld Consultancy Services.

One of the principal aims of S6 Connect was to offer ongoing support and services to former clients of Jigsaw Hosting and Hosting4u, and specialist IT support charities, non-profits and commuinity groups. Since then S6 Connect Ltd has grown, developed, and taken on new aspects, but the underlying principles and the roots of the Company remain key to everything we do.

S6 Connect continues to provide web hosting, design and consultancy work. We also operate an online ‘managed support‘ service to non-profits, community groups, micro-businesses and remote workers; taking responsibility for their web-based services and enquiries, and helping them to develop their communications infrastructure. We use WordPress for many of our own sites, and now also offer an extensive WordPress Management Service, that ensures sites are kept secure and updated.

We took over JigsawDial (formerly Call4u) telephony and fax2mail services, though these continue as before and have not been rebranded or altered in any way. All accounts have been maintained free of charge since the takeover. Additional Telecoms partnerships have also been introduced to provider a wider range of services for home and business use alike, including Virtual Fax (fax2email), low-cost freephone number services (0800) and new 03 phone number services. Conference Calling and SMS services have also been introduced.

Still on the technical side, S6 Connect offer PC servicing and repair. Much of this is operated remotely, with experienced support technicians accessing client’s PCs over the internet in order to remove viruses and spyware, install software, and enhance PC performance. Providing the service remotely enables us to support more people and at the same time keep costs to a minimum.

Steve Westrop

Company Director

Steve setup the Company to help charities access business-grade services on third-sector budgets and was awarded Professional Membership of the Chartered Institute of IT for doing so. Steve remains passionate about helping Businesses and Communities to maximise their use of IT.



Our Values - keeping IT simple

S6 Connect is committed to helping organisations maximise their use of IT simply, securely, and affordably.


Your website, email address, promotional materials... they all give an insight to your business, and we want your business to succeed. We strive to only ever deliver the best.


We regularly review our infrastructure to ensure that everyone is benefiting from mazimum performance in all areas. We use only SSD drives and high-powered servers.


Of course there is no point building a swanky website if no one can access it. Our multi-server platform has excellent uptime reports, which is always closely monitored.


Whilst we want to keep things as simple as possible, we want to also offer you access to everything you may need. Our feature-rich service offers the best of both worlds.


All our services offer excellent value for money and many customers have saved hundreds of pound by switching to us. Send us your renewal quote and put us to the test!


Often, security is an optional extra. Not with us. We provide backups and SSL certificates on all hosting, free of charge. With S6 Connect, security comes as standard.

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