Scheduled Maintenance - Monday 24 June

Database upgrades will be carried out by the data centre on one of our servers, on the morning of Monday 24 June (7-8am). During this time, any site relying on database functionality (eg WordPress) will experience intermittent access. Accounts added in the last month, and earlier accounts setup under "CloudHost ONE" will not be affected by ... Read More »

16th Jun 2019
Easier Domain Management

We've made it easier to manage domains that are not associated with an S6 Connect hosting package. Now, when you view your Domains, you'll see an additional menu as highlighted below:From here you can create URL or email forwarders. For example, you can point your main domain name to another URL, and have all email sent to ... Read More »

13th Jun 2017
Billing Transferred

All billing for hosting services has now been updated and transferred over to our new platform. 

Unfortunately this also caused a few erroneous suspension emails to be sent out, but this has now been corrected.

24th Feb 2017
Support Autoresponder disabled

To help reduce unnecessary mail volume, we've disabled the auto-responder email that is sent when a new Support Ticket is opened. Don't panic - this won't affect the speed of handling the issue... just keeps your mailbox a little cleaner :)

15th Feb 2017
Manage your Website from the Client Portal

Our latest addition to the Client Portal allows you to manage many aspects of your website account and site directly. The functioanlity varies based on account, but all customers should be able to add/modify email addresses, load the file manager or webmail applications directly; and some will also be able to modify DNS records and do more ... Read More »

12th Feb 2017
.uk Domain Prices update

Having added a new Domain Registration partner, we can now offer an extended range of Domain Names, but some prices are having to be changed.

One important change to note though, is that .UK Domains are now £5.99/year - given that our cost price used to be more than this, it's a great saving for us all! 

9th Feb 2017
New support address now setup

As part of the migration and upgrades to services, we now have a new support address for hosting:  Don't worry if you forget - all the existing addresses still work, but they won't be captured in the support portal here automatically. You can also log a support ticket directly from the portal here, as well as view and update any existing ... Read More »

6th Feb 2017
Client Area re-enabled at new URL

Our Client Managemnt system has now been moved successfully and re-enabled. Customer logins have not been changed, just the URL used to access:

5th Feb 2017
New Nameservers

As part of our service migration there is also a change to the nameservers that control your domain benaviour. 

We'll make all necessary changes where possible, and contact you if you need to do anything further. 

Our new nameservers are:


4th Feb 2017
Server Migration

We are currently migrating all webhosting and email services to new servers. Whilst every care is being taken to ensure minimal disruption, it is possible that some accounts may have a brief period during the process where they are unable to accesst their services.  We will be contacting all customers to arrange a suitable time window for ... Read More »

3rd Feb 2017